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Dr. Ir.
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Jeroen received the Master in Electrotechnical Engineering degree in 2002 at the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL-ESAT), with a thesis in Machine Learning on automatic pedestrian detection. In 2003, Jeroen joined the R&D department of Agfa HealthCare where he was involved in the software analysis and development of a new X-ray modality workstation.
In 2006, he became the technical lead of the Agfa HealthCare clinical applications platform for CT, MRI and PET imaging, involving advanced 3D visualization, segmentation and registration solutions in radiology.
In 2012, Jeroen received a Baekeland grant from the former IWT (Flemish Institute for Science and Technology) to pursue a PhD at the iMinds Vision Lab, in close cooperation with Agfa HealthCare, on chest tomosynthesis.
Since 2017, Jeroen is responsible for Technology Development in Agfa HealthCare R&D.
His main interests are in clinical applications related to X-ray imaging and CT/CBCT.