Karim Zarei

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Karim is working in the field of computed tomography (CT) particularly he is applying software methods to correct detector afterglow. A short review on detector afterglow can be downloaded from here .

He also applied discrete tomography (DT) to license plate reconstruction. DT is mainly applied in X-ray and electron tomography. It has never been applied to license plate reconstruction. Karim managed to do this and successfully reconstructed high resolution license plates from a set of low resolution images. Part of his work published here .


  • How to use Computed Tomography reconstruction methods for camera image SR reconstruction?
  • ICVSS 2013 poster
  • Afterglow in X-ray Detector
  • Key publications: 
    K. Zarei Zefreh, W. Van Aarle, K. J. Batenburg, and J. Sijbers, "Super-Resolution of License Plate Images using Algebraic Reconstruction Technique", Journal of Image and Graphics, vol. 1, issue 2, USA, Engineering and Technology Publishing (ETP), pp. 94 - 98, 2013.