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L. Goto, Huysmans, T., Lee, W., Molenbroek, J. F. M., and Goossens, R., A Comparison Between Representative 3D Faces Based on Bi- and Multi-variate and Shape Based Analysis, in Proceedings of the 20th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA 2018)- Volume VII, 2019, vol. VII, pp. 1355–1364.
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S. Hassanzadeh, Karami, A., Heylen, R., and Scheunders, P., Compression Of Hyperspectral Images Using Block Coordinate Descent Search And Compressed Sensing, in 8th workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing : Evolution in Remote Sensing, Los Angeles, USA, 2016.
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J. Cant, Behiels, G., and Sijbers, J., Continuous Digital Laminography, in 6th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography, Wels, Austria, 2016.PDF icon Download paper (363.74 KB)
W. D'haes, Van Dyck, D., and Rodet, X., Control Parameter Estimation for a Physical Model of a Trumpet Using Pattern Recognition, in IEEE Workshop on Model Based Processing and Coding of Audio (MPCA), Leuven, Belgium, 2002.
L. F. Alves Pereira, Dabravolski, A., Tsang, I. R., Cavalcanti, G. D. C., and Sijbers, J., Conveyor belt X-ray CT using Domain Constrained Discrete Tomography, in Sibgrapi conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images, 2014, pp. 290 - 297.PDF icon Download paper (3.45 MB)
J. Sijbers, Van Camp, N., Leemans, A., den Dekker, A. J., Verhoye, M., and Van Der Linden, A., Coregistration of Micro-MRI, microCT and microPET, in Workshop on non Invasive 3D Microscopy, University of Antwerp, Belgium, 2004, p. 16.
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S. Livens, Anthonis, A., Mahy, M., and Scheunders, P., Cross-media tonal mapping model obtained from psychometric experiments, in Proc. SPIE 5008: Color Imaging, Device- Independent Color, Color Hardcopy, and Graphic Arts VII , Santa Clara, CA, 2003, pp. 14-23.
K. J. Batenburg and Sijbers, J., DART: a fast heuristic algebraic reconstruction algorithm for discrete tomography, in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), San Antonio, Texas, USA, 2007.PDF icon Download paper (415.32 KB)
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J. Van Houtte, Bazrafkan, S., Vandenberghe, F., Zheng, G., and Sijbers, J., A Deep Learning Approach to Horse Bone Segmentation from Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs, in International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools, and Applications, 2019.
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