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Batenburg, K. J., and J. Sijbers, "Generic iterative subset algorithms for discrete tomography", Discrete Applied Mathematics, vol. 157, no. 3, pp. 438-451, 2009. PDF icon Download paper (1.41 MB)
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Van Hecke, W., "Improved Processing for Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Images for Coregistration, Atlas Construction, and Voxel Based Analysis", Department of Physics, Antwerp, University of Antwerp, 2009. PDF icon Download thesis (35.03 MB)
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Poot, D. H. J., A J. den Dekker, M. Verhoye, I. Blockx, J. Van Audekerke, A. Van Der Linden, and J. Sijbers, "Optimizing the Diffusion Weighting Gradients for Diffusion-Kurtosis Imaging", ISMRM2009 proceedings, vol. 2009, pp. 1394, April, 2009. PDF icon Download full paper (624.88 KB)
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