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B. Jeurissen, Naeyaert, M., Leemans, A., and Sijbers, J., Correction of DWI gradient orientations using registration techniques, 3rd meeting of the ISMRM Benelux Chapter, Hoeven, The Netherlands. 2011.
I. Wielaard, Reijmer, Y. D., Leemans, A., Heringa, S. M., Jeurissen, B., Koek, H. L., and Biessels, G. J., Diffusion tensor imaging and cognition in Alzheimer’s disease: the influence of crossing fibers, in Endo-Neuro Psycho Meeting, Lunteren, The Netherlands, 2011.
M. Froeling, Strijkers, G. J., Jeurissen, B., van der Paardt, M., Stoker, J., Nicolay, K., Nederveen, A. J., and Leemans, A., Fiber architecture of the female pelvic floor: An exploratory investigation using different diffusion MRI tractography algorithms, ISMRM, 19th Scientific Meeting and Exhibition. Montreal, Canada, 2011.
J. Rajan, Jeurissen, B., Verhoye, M., Van Audekerke, J., and Sijbers, J., Maximum likelihood estimation based denoising of magnetic resonance images using restricted local neighborhoods, Physics in Medicine and Biology, vol. 56, pp. 5221-5234, 2011.PDF icon Download full paper (643.93 KB)
J. Veraart, Leergaard, T. B., Antonsen, B. T., Van Hecke, W., Blockx, I., Jeurissen, B., Jiang, Y., Van Der Linden, A., Johnson, A. G., Verhoye, M., and Sijbers, J., Population-averaged diffusion tensor imaging atlas of the Sprague Dawley rat brain, NeuroImage, vol. 58, no. 4, pp. 975-983, 2011.
B. Jeurissen, Leemans, A., Jones, D. K., Tournier, J. - D., and Sijbers, J., Probabilistic fiber tracking using the residual bootstrap with constrained spherical deconvolution, Human Brain Mapping, vol. 32, no. 3, pp. 461 - 479, 2011.
P. Fillard, Descoteaux, M., Goh, A., Gouttard, S., Jeurissen, B., Malcolm, J., Ramirez-Manzanares, A., Reisert, M., Sakaie, K., Tensaouti, F., Yo, T. - S., Mangin, J. - F., and Poupon, C., Quantitative Evaluation of 10 Tractography Algorithms on a Realistic Diffusion MR Phantom, NeuroImage, vol. 56, pp. 220-234, 2011.
B. Jeurissen, Naeyaert, M., Leemans, A., and Sijbers, J., Registration based correction of DWI gradient orientations, ISMRM, 19th Scientific Meeting and Exhibition. Montreal, Canada, 2011.
N. J. Forde, Ellison-Wright, I., Nathan, P. J., Zaman, R., Dudas, R., Agius, M., Fernandez-Egea, E., Leemans, A., Jeurissen, B., Scanlon, C., McDonald, C., and Cannon, D. M., White Matter Tract Deficits in Schizophrenia, Neuroscience Ireland Conference, vol. 7. Dublin, Ireland, 2011.