SSMTK: Statistical Shape Modelling Toolkit

This toolkit contains a collection of algorithms, implemented in C++ and Python, used for statistical shape modeling and analysis of 3D surface populations:

  • 3D surface parameterization algorithms for disc, sphere, and cylinder topology
  • 3D surface alignment
  • Parameterization-based MDL correspondence optimization for disc and cylinder topology
  • elasticity and model regularized 3D surface registration
  • GUI for surface annotation
  • Statistical hypothesis testing for surface-based shape analysis

Motion and distortion correction of Diffusion Weighted images

Motion and distortion correction of the data is very important in diffusion-weighted MR imaging. When scanning non-cooperative subjects or non-sedated newborns, resulting images are significantly distorted by motion. When scanning at b-values higher than 1500 s/mm², distortion from eddy currents becomes severe if no compensatory scheme is applied. In our research, we use and evaluate different state of the art motion and distortion correction approaches.

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