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Imec-Vision Lab is a research lab of the Department of Physics of the University of Antwerp. Vision Lab's main research area is the development of novel image reconstruction, processing and analysis methods, which are applied in the domain of Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Shape modelling, and Remote Sensing. Since its foundation in 1992, 7 spin-off companies have been founded. Latest spin-offs: IcoMetrix, Shavatar, and Deltaray.


Magn. Reson. Imaging

Shape Modeling

Remote Sensing

Postdoc in Deep Learning for X-ray Computed Tomographic Reconstruction (f/m)

Computed tomography (CT) is a well-known technique in radiology, in which X-rays are emitted from different directions around a patient. These X-rays are attenuated by different tissue types on their path, and are finally measured by a detector. These projections are used in a reconstruction algorithm to calculate cross-section images, representing the local X-ray absorption in the patient. False assumptions on the physical process are necessary to solve this reconstruction problem but often result in artifacts which have a negative impact on the reconstructed image quality.


Ben Jeurissen was awarded a prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant by the European Research Council (ERC) for his project ADAMI. In the ADAMI project, he will combine multi-dimensional MRI, microscopy, and machine learning to build better microstructural models that will improve the detection, diagnosis and monitoring of brain diseases. Congrats with this big achievement Ben!

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