Van Nguyen received the Best Poster Award at the International Computed Tomography conference 2019 in Padua, Italy. Congrats!

Ben Jeurissen received two Magna Cum Laude Merit Awards, for his research to be presented at the upcoming ISMRM meeting. The 26th Annual Meeting & Exhibition from the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine will take place from June 16 to 21 in Paris, France and will attract over 5000 attendees.

About half of our brain is composed of white matter - millions of fibers that act as data lines between distant brain regions. Capturing the full wiring diagram of the brain can be regarded as one of the great scientific challenges of our time. In this talk, you will learn about a special type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - called diffusion MRI - that can reveal white matter structure in the living brain in unprecedented detail. You will discover how UAntwerpen is improving this cutting edge technique as well as using it to study neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Location: Kapitein Zeppos, Vleminckveld 78, 2000 Antwerpen

Date: Wednesday 16th May 2018; doors open 6.30pm, event 7pm-10pm

Language: English

Speaker: Dr. Ben Jeurissen, UAntwerpen

More info and tickets @

We are very excited to announce that the first official MRtrix3 workshop will be held this year in Paris, France (June 22-24), immediately after the main ISMRM meeting.

This 2½ day hands-on workshop will cover the theory and practice of diffusion analysis, covering the range of techniques available within MRtrix3.

After completing this course, participants should be able to process, analyze, and visualize their own diffusion MRI data sets using MRtrix3 tools.

See the main announcement for full details and registration.

Gabriel Ramos-Llorden is the winner of the Abroad Internship Challenge of the ISMRM Benelux Chapter 2018.

His contribution was entitled "Unprecedented acceleration of quantitative dMRI with joint k-q space reconstruction: when the ‘blessings’ of high dimensionality overcome the ‘curse’"

Congratulations Gabriel!

“B-Q Minded” is an H2020 MSCA ETN EU research project

B-Q Minded is coordinated by Vision Lab of the University of Antwerp and is aiming to develop breakthroughs for accelerated processing of quantitative MRI scans.

Interested in one of the 15 ESR PhD positions?

After a very competitive selection process, the EU considered “B-Q Minded” as the best of a list of 394 projects (only 6 percent of the submitted projects were accepted).

At the recent ITF 2017 event Vision Lab demonstrated a unique Hololens application in which X-ray imaging was simulated in an industrial environment to inspect products for defects.

Piet Bladt received the (unique) Oral Presentation Award at ISMRM Benelux 2017 for his presentation entitled: "Optimal Sampling Strategy for Pseudo-Continuous Arterial Spin Labeling MRI"
Congratulations Piet!!

Ben Jeurissen received the prestigious Oppenheimer Award from the Rector of the University of Antwerp.
Congratulations Ben!!

Vision Lab organised The International Workshop on Industrial Tomography (InTo2015): a scientific conference organized at University of Antwerp, Belgium, on 4-6 November 2015.
The event wass part of the activities of the EU COST Action MP1207: Enhanced X-ray Tomographic Reconstruction: Experiment, Modeling, and Algorithms.