Surface Parameterization

Building statistical shape models of fruit and vegetables

Capturing the variability of fruit is useful in many ways, such as object detection and shape prediction. A statistical shape model is useful to predict the final size of a fruit, search for a correlation between stages of growth, or to estimate the volume of the fruit. Fruit package designers may use the shape model to evaluate the effect of the fruit on airflow characteristics and thus cooling uniformity.

SSMTK: Statistical Shape Modelling Toolkit

This toolkit contains a collection of algorithms, implemented in C++ and Python, used for statistical shape modeling and analysis of 3D surface populations:

  • 3D surface parameterization algorithms for disc, sphere, and cylinder topology
  • 3D surface alignment
  • Parameterization-based MDL correspondence optimization for disc and cylinder topology
  • elasticity and model regularized 3D surface registration
  • GUI for surface annotation
  • Statistical hypothesis testing for surface-based shape analysis

Clavicle Shape Modeling and Analysis for the Design of a Fracture Fixation Plate

The clavicle is among the most frequently fractured bones in the human body and there is an increasing number of indications for surgical treatment of clavicular fractures. Due to the complex shape of the clavicle and its large variability, the design of osteosynthesis hardware is a very challenging task. Extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the clavicle clearly contributes to the improvement of such hardware.

Virtual Colon Dissection for Colorectal Cancer Screening

Virtual colonoscopy is a minimally invasive alternative for conventional optical colonoscopy to detect diseases of the colon, including polyps, diverticulosis, and cancer. In virtual colonoscopy computer tomography is combined with specialized visualization techniques in order to provide the physician with a comprehensive view of the colon wall. Due to the tortuous nature of the colon, the traditionally used fly-through visualization is time consuming and error prone.

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