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J. Gonnissen, A. De Backer, A J. den Dekker, G. T. Martinez, A. Rosenauer, J. Sijbers, and S. Van Aert, "Optimal experimental design for the detection of light atoms from high-resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy images", Applied Physics Letters, vol. 105, issue 063116, 2014.
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J-P. Jacobs, G. Thoonen, D. Tuia, G. Camps-Valls, P. Kempeneers, and P. Scheunders, "Spectral adaptation of hyperspectral flight lines using VHR contextual information", Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 2014 IEEE International, Quebec City, QC, Canada, IEEE, pp. 2953-2956, 2014.
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W. Van Aarle, K. J. Batenburg, G. Van Gompel, E. Van de Casteele, and J. Sijbers, "Super-resolution for computed tomography based on discrete tomography", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 23, issue 3, pp. 1181 - 1193, 2014. Download paper (10.34 MB)
G. Van Steenkiste, B. Jeurissen, D. H. J. Poot, P. M. Parizel, and J. Sijbers, "Super-resolution reconstruction of diffusion parameters from multi-oriented diffusion weighted images", 6th meeting of the ISMRM Benelux chapter, Maastricht, The Netherlands, january, 2014.
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H. N. B. Pinheiro, I R. Tsang, G. D. C. Cavalcanti, I J. Tsang, and J. Sijbers, "Type-2 fuzzy GMMs for robust text-independent speaker verification in noisy environments", International Conference of Pattern Recognition, 2014.
A. Dabravolski, K. J. Batenburg, and J. Sijbers, "Adaptive Zooming in X-ray Computed Tomography", 1st International Conference on Tomography of Materials and Structures (ICTMS), Ghent, Belgium, pp. 5-8, 2013. Download full paper (633.7 KB) Download poster (1.18 MB)
B. Goris, T. Roelandts, K. J. Batenburg, H. Heidari Mezerji, and S. Bals, "Advanced reconstruction algorithms for electron tomography: from comparison to combination", Ultramicroscopy, vol. 127, pp. 40–47, 2013.
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G. Thoonen, T. Spanhove, J. Vanden Borre, and P. Scheunders, "Classification of heathland vegetation in a hierarchical contextual framework", International Journal of Remote Sensing, vol. 34, issue 1, pp. 96 - 111, 2013.