Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging and derived modalities.


In quantitative magnetic resonance T1 mapping, the Variable Flip Angle (VFA) steady state spoiled gradient recalled echo (SPGR) imaging technique is popular as it provides a series of high resolution T1 weighted images in a clinically feasible time. Fast, linear methods that estimate T1 maps from these weighted images have been proposed, such as DESPOT1 and iterative reweighted linear least squares (IRWLLS).

Super-resolution multi-PLD PCASL: a simulation study

P. Bladt, Beirinckx, Q., Van Steenkiste, G., Jeurissen, B., Achten, E., den Dekker, A. J., and Sijbers, J., Super-resolution multi-PLD PCASL: a simulation study, 34th Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine & Biology (ESMRMB), Barcelona, Spain, vol. 30 (Suppl. 1). Magn Reson Mater Phy, 2017.


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