Super-resolution T2* mapping of the knee using UTE Spiral VIBE MRI

Publication Type:

Conference Abstract


Proceedings of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), 29th Annual Meeting, An Online Experience, p.3920 (2021)


T2* mapping using ultrashort echo time (UTE) MRI allows for quantitative evaluation of collagen-rich knee structures with short mean transverse relaxation times. However, acquisitions with low through-plane resolution are commonly used to obtain T2* maps within reasonable scan times, affecting the accuracy of the estimations because of partial volume effects. In this work, model-based super-resolution reconstructions based on UTE Spiral VIBE MRI were performed to obtain high-resolution T2* maps of knee structures within a reasonable scan time. The obtained T2* maps are comparable to maps generated with direct 3D UTE Spiral VIBE acquisitions while requiring approximately 25% less scan time.