Brain Computer Interface

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Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium (2020)


The present invention relates to an interfacingsystem for interfacing a plurality of elements to a surfaceof interest. The elements thereby are suitable for locallysensing a signal of the surface of interest or for locallyactuating the surface of interest. The interfacing systemcomprises a plurality of element holders, each elementholder being configured for holding an element for interfacingwith the surface of interest and each element holderbeing configured for providing a pressure exerted onthe element for interfacing the element with the surfaceof interest, the pressure being based on a fluidic actionin the element holder. The interfacing system also comprisesan outer shell interconnecting the plurality of elementholders. At least two of the plurality of element holdersfurther are fluidically interconnected so as to link thefluidic action in the at least two element holders therebylinking the pressure exerted by the element holders onthe elements.