Capturing Joint Angles of the Off-Site Human Body

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Conference Paper


IEEE Sensors 2018, IEEE, United States, p.1–4 (2018)




IMU, joint kinematics, motion capture, off-site, wearable


Motion capture (mocap) is traditionally conducted by optical systems. These are expensive and usually limited to controlled environments. We investigated the accuracy of portable and inexpensive mocap sensor systems compared to benchmark optical systems with respect to tracking joint angles. This review summarizes the findings of 21 studies. In these studies, 228 subjects were employed, and 16 joints were tracked, spanning a range of activities. We did not find a system that is consistent and equally accurate across all joint angles for all activities (root mean square error up to 12.1 degrees). However, under some ideal conditions, the results are on par with optical mocap. Our recommendations for future research and development are to focus on tracking faster activities, activities in off-site conditions, and following standardized biomechanical models of joint angles.

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