Evaluation of 3D Body Shape Predictions Based on Features

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Conference Paper


6th International Conference on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Lugano, Switserland, p.258-265 (2015)


body features, shape prediction


The human body comes in many sizes and shapes. For design purposes, it is useful to be able to quickly simulate a virtual mannequin of a customer. A statistical shape model can be used for this purpose, because it describes the main variations of body shape inside the model’s population. From this model, the specific features of each person in the population are known. Therefore, a mapping between the shape model parameters and specific features can be calculated, which allows adjusting the body shape, in an intuitive way. In this work, we have investigated how accurate a body shape can be predicted based on a set of features and which features are most suitable for this purpose. Height, weight, and hip circumference appeared to be the most suitable features to accurately predict the body shape.

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