Multi-patch B-Spline Statistical Shape Models for CAD-Compatible Digital Human Modeling

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Conference Paper


Advances in Human Factors in Simulation and Modeling, Springer International Publishing, Cham, p.179–189 (2019)




Parametric 3D human body models are valuable tools for ergonomic product design and statistical shape modelling (SSM) is a powerful technique to build realistic body models from a database of 3D scans. Like the underlying 3D scans, body models built from SSMs are typically represented with triangle meshes. Unfortunately, triangle meshes are not well supported by CAD software where spline geometry dominates. Therefore, we propose a methodology to convert databases of pre-corresponded triangle meshes into multi-patch B-spline SSMs. An evaluation on four 3D scan databases shows that our method is able to generate accurate and water-tight models while preserving inter-subject correspondences by construction. In addition, we demonstrate that such SSMs can be used to generate design manikins which can be readily used in SolidWorks for designing well conforming product parts.

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