Super-resolution strategies for single-PLD pseudo-continuous ASL

Publication Type:

Conference Abstract


12th Annual Meeting of the ISMRM Benelux Chapter, Arnhem, The Netherlands (2020)


Super-resolution reconstruction (SRR) allows for 3D high-resolution image reconstruction from a set of low-resolution multi-slice images with different orientations. Arterial spin labeling (ASL) is an interesting albeit complicated candidate for SRR, as it relies on subtraction. SRR-ASL can be performed on low-SNR subtracted or on low-contrast unsubtracted ASL data. Different ASL-SRR implementations were applied to single-PLD PCASL data and validated against traditional ASL-scans. Combining motion correction, super-resolution post-processing and pairwise subtraction of label-control pairs in a single framework yielded comparable CBF maps as with traditional HR-ASL. Furthermore, in certain slices, SRR-ASL appears to reconstruct the anatomical structure with higher fidelity.