A 4D CT reconstruction algorithm for fast liquid flow imaging

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Conference Abstract


Applied Inverse Problems Conference, Helsinki (2015)


The study of fluid flow through solid matter by computed tomography (CT) imaging has a broad range of applications, ranging from oil extraction to scientific research on fluid dynamics. Current techniques are often limited by a low temporal/spatial resolution. In this talk, a new iterative CT reconstruction algorithm for improved temporal/spatial resolution in the imaging of fluid flowing through solid matter is introduced. The proposed algorithm exploits prior knowledge in two ways. Firstly, the time-varying object is assumed to consist of stationary (the solid matter) and dynamic regions (the fluid flow). Secondly, the attenuation of a particular voxel in the dynamic region is modeled by a piecewise constant function over time (i.e., the voxel consists of fluid or air). Experiments on simulation data and on a real neutron tomography dataset demonstrate that the proposed approach can significantly increase the temporal resolution in comparison to conventional algorithms.

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