An alternative approach for ζ-factor measurement using pure element nanoparticles

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Ultramicroscopy, Volume 164, p.11–16 (2016)



Bimetallic nanoparticles, EDXS quantification, Electron tomography


It is very challenging to measure the chemical composition of hetero nanostructures in a reliable and quantitative manner. Here, we propose a novel and straightforward approach that can be used to quantify energy dispersive X-ray spectra acquired in a transmission electron microscope. Our method is based on a combination of electron tomography and the so-called ζ-factor technique. We will demonstrate the reliability of our approach as well as its applicability by investigating Au-Ag and Au-Pt hetero nanostructures. Given its simplicity, we expect that the method could become a new standard in the field of chemical characterization using electron microscopy.