Investigation on Effect of scintillator thickness on Afterglow in Indirect X-ray Detectors

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Conference Paper


6th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography, Wels, Austria (iCT 2016) (2016)



afterglow, flat-panel, image lag, scintillator thickness, synchrotron, x-ray detector


Solid-state scintillation detectors are widely used in modern multi-slice CT systems as well as synchrotron micro-tomography beamlines. Amongst other parameters, the performance of these detectors depends on the thickness of the scintillator. Thicker scintillators result in higher emission intensities, yet the resolution deteriorates as the thickness increases. To achieve a higher scan speed, thicker scintillators are more common. The thickness of scintillators however may influence the afterglow. In this paper, we investigate the effect of scintillator thickness on the afterglow, using scintillating screens of two different materials (LAG:Ce and Gadox) and different thicknesses.
Experimental results show that, apart from the scintillator material and excitation condition, the thickness of scintillator has a decisive role on the scintillator decay and particularly on the afterglow.

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