A dynamic region estimation method for cerebral perfusion CT

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Conference Paper


6th International Conference on Optical Measurement Techniques for Structures and Systems (OPTIMESS), p.331-342 (2016)


In cerebral perfusion computed tomography (PCT), multiple scans of the brain are acquired after an intravenous contrast bolus injection. Therefore, radiation dose is a major issue.
Recently, methods have been proposed that can reconstruct high quality dynamic (i.e., 4D) images, while keeping the radiation dose limited. These methods typically require an accurate estimate of the dynamic region inside the brain volume, i.e., the region containing tissue/vessels. Conventionally, the dynamic region is indicated manually.
In this work, a method for low-dose cerebral PCT is presented in which the dynamic region is estimated in an automatic way.
Simulation results on two PCT phantoms show that the dynamic region can be accurately estimated, even in a very low-dose regime, which is an important step towards more powerful reconstruction methods for low-dose cerebral PCT.

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