High-resolution tiled X-ray cone-beam CT using the ASTRA toolbox

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Conference Paper


13th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography (iCT) 2024, School of Engineering, Wels Campus, Austria (2024)




cone beam, iterative reconstruction, micro computed tomography, X-ray tomography


Dealing with large and/or elongated objects presents a challenge in micro computed tomography (µCT). In conventional CT, the necessity for the X-ray beam to fully cover the scanned object which has to remain well within the detector boundaries is essential to avoid region-of-interest artifacts in the reconstructed images. Consequently, the magnification of the object and thereby the spatial resolution are limited by the physical dimensions and degrees of freedom of the imaging system. A possible way to increase the magnification and thus the resolution of a µCT image is to perform a tiled scan of the object. In this paper, we propose an iterative reconstruction approach that yields a high-resolution image from such a tiled CT scan. The approach utilizes the ASTRA toolbox, leveraging its key features: the vector-based definition of projection geometry and the linear tomography operators. Our simulations demonstrate that the proposed approach achieves higher resolution through increased magnification.

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