Parametric Reconstruction of Glass Fiber-reinforced Polymer Composites from X-ray Projection Data - A Simulation Study

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Journal Article


Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, Volume 37, Issue 62, p.1573-4862 (2018)



GFRP, Glass fiber reinforced polymer, Materials Science, Modeling of micro-structures, Parametric model, Tomography, µCT


We present a new approach to estimate geometry parameters of glass fibers in glass fiber-reinforced polymers from simulated X-ray micro-computed tomography scans. Traditionally, these parameters are estimated using a multi-step procedure including image reconstruction, pre-processing, segmentation and analysis of features of interest. Each step in this chain introduces errors that propagate through the pipeline and impair the accuracy of the estimated parameters. In the approach presented in this paper, we reconstruct volumes from a low number of projection angles using an iterative reconstruction technique and then estimate position, direction and length of the contained fibers incorporating a priori knowledge about their shape, modeled as a geometric representation, which is then optimized. Using simulation experiments, we show that our method can estimate those representations even in presence of noisy data and only very few projection angles available.

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