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Book Chapter
D. Van Dyck, Bettens, E., Sijbers, J., den Dekker, A. J., van den Bos, A., Op de Beeck, M., Jansen, J., and Zandbergen, H., Resolving atoms: what do we have? what do we want?, in Institute of Physics Conference Series, vol. 153, J. M. Rodenburg, Ed. Cambridge, UK: Institute of Physics Ltd, 1997, pp. 95-100.
P. Scheunders, Duijster, A., and Zhang, Y., Wavelet-based Multi/Hyperspectral Image Restoration and Fusion, in Signal and Image Processing for Remote Sensing, C. H. Chen, Ed. Taylor and Francis, 2012, pp. 505-523.
Conference Abstract
S. Hosseinnejad, Bosch, E. G. T., Kohr, H., Lazić, I., Zharinov, V., Franken, E., Sijbers, J., and De Beenhouwer, J., 3D atomic resolution tomography from iDPC-STEM images using multiple atom model prior, Microscopy Conference. 2021.
Z. Zahiri, Ribbens, B., Vanlanduit, S., and Scheunders, P., Automatic Detection of Surface Damages on Steel Structures using Near Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging, 9th Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing : Evolution in Remote Sensing (WHISPERS). 2018.
M. A. Zampini, Sijbers, J., Verhoye, M., and Garipov, R., EPIFANI for ultrafast B1-corrected T1 and PD mapping, ESMRMB. 2021.
B. Goris, De Beenhouwer, J., De Backer, A., Zanaga, D., Batenburg, K. J., Sánchez-Iglesias, A., Liz-Marzán, L. M., Van Aert, S., Sijbers, J., Van Tendeloo, G., and Bals, S., Investigating lattice strain in Au nanodecahedrons, European Microscopy Congress 2016. 2016.
W. Keustermans, Huysmans, T., Danckaers, F., Zarowski, A., Schmelzer, B., Sijbers, J., and Dirckx, J. J. J., Investigating the relationship between shape and flow in the human nose using a statistical shape model, 6th European Conference on Computational Mechanics (ECCM 6) - 7th European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ECFD 7), 11 – 15 June 2018, Glasgow, UK. 2018.PDF icon Download abstract (90.58 KB)
B. Auer, Kalluri, K., De Beenhouwer, J., Zeraatkar, N., Könik, A., Kuo, P. H., Furenlid, L. R., and King, M. A., Investigation of keel versus knife edge pinhole profiles for a next-generation SPECT system dedicated to clinical brain imaging, 2nd International Conference on Monte Carlo Techniques for Medical Applications. 2019.
M. A. Zampini, Sijbers, J., Verhoye, M., and Garipov, R., RAMSES: Relaxation Alternate Mapping of Spoiled Echo Signals sequence for simultaneous accurate T1 and T2* mapping, ISMRM & SMRT Annual Meeting. 2021.
N. J. Forde, Ellison-Wright, I., Nathan, P. J., Zaman, R., Dudas, R., Agius, M., Fernandez-Egea, E., Leemans, A., Jeurissen, B., Scanlon, C., McDonald, C., and Cannon, D. M., White Matter Tract Deficits in Schizophrenia, Neuroscience Ireland Conference, vol. 7. Dublin, Ireland, 2011.
Conference Paper
J. Van Houtte, Gao, X., Sijbers, J., and Zheng, G., 2D/3D registration with a statistical deformation model prior using deep learning, in the IEEE International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI'21) , 2021.
R. Heylen, Scheunders, P., Zare, A., and Gader, P., Alternating angle minimization based unmixing with endmember variability, in IEEE IGARSS 2016, International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, pp. 6974-6977, Beijing, July 10-15 , 2016.
B. Auer, Kalluri, K., Abayazeed, A. H., De Beenhouwer, J., Zeraatkar, N., Lindsay, C., Momsen, N., R. Richards, G., May, M., Kupinski, M. A., Kuo, P. H., Furenlid, L. R., and King, M. A., Aperture size selection for improved brain tumor detection and quantification in multi-pinhole 123I-CLINDE SPECT imaging, in IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, Boston, USA (2020), 2020.
Y. Zhang, De Backer, S., and Scheunders, P., Bayesian fusion of multispectral and hyperspectral image in wavelet domain, in IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, IGARSS 2008, Boston, United States, 6-11 July, 2008, pp. 69-72.
J. Juntu, Sijbers, J., Van Dyck, D., and Gielen, J. L., Bias Field Correction for MRI Images, in Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Computer Recognition Systems (CORES05), Rydzyna Castle, Poland, 2005, pp. 543-551.
P. Kempeneers, De Backer, S., Zarco-Tejada, P. J., Delalieux, S., Sepulcre-Cantó, G., Morales, F., Sagardoy, R., van Aardt, J., Coppin, P., and Scheunders, P., Chlorophyll retrieval from canopy reflectance over orchards using hyperspectral techniques, in 2nd International Symposium on Recent Advances in Quantitative Remote Sensing, 25-29 September 2006, Torrent (Valencia), Spain, 2006.
Z. Zahiri, Laefer, D., and Gowen, A., Classification of hardened cement and lime mortar using short-wave infrared spectrometry data, in 11th international conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions, 2018.
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S. Verwulgen, Lacko, D., Justine, H., Kustermans, S., Moons, S., Thys, F., Zelck, S., Vaes, K., Huysmans, T., Vleugels, J., and Truijen, S., Determining Comfortable Pressure Ranges for Wearable EEG Headsets, in Advances in Human Factors in Wearable Technologies and Game Design, Cham, 2019, pp. 11–19.
B. Koirala, Zahiri, Z., Khodadadzadeh, M., and Scheunders, P., Fractional abundance estimation of mixed and compound materials by hyperspectral imaging., in 10th Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing : Evolution in Remote Sensing (WHISPERS), Sept 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2019, pp. pp. 1-5.
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B. Auer, Zeraatkar, N., De Beenhouwer, J., Kalluri, K., Kuo, P. H., Furenlid, L. R., and King, M. A., Investigation of a Monte Carlo simulation and an analytic-based approach for modeling the system response for clinical I-123 brain SPECT imaging, in 15th International Meeting on Fully Three-Dimensional Image Reconstruction in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, 2019, vol. 11072, pp. 187 – 190.
K. Zarei Zefreh, De Beenhouwer, J., Welford, F. M., and Sijbers, J., Investigation on Effect of scintillator thickness on Afterglow in Indirect X-ray Detectors, in 6th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography, Wels, Austria (iCT 2016), 2016.
K. Zarei Zefreh, Welford, F. M., and Sijbers, J., Investigation on the effect of exposure time on scintillator afterglow for ultra-fast tomography acquisition, in 18th International Workshop on Radiation Imaging Detectors, Barcelona, Spain, 2016, vol. 11, p. C12014.PDF icon Download paper (482.36 KB)