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W J. Palenstijn, J. Bédorf, J. Sijbers, and K. J. Batenburg, "A distributed ASTRA Toolbox", Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging, vol. 2, issue 19, 2016. PDF icon Download paper (2.7 MB)
W J. Palenstijn, K. J. Batenburg, and J. Sijbers, "Performance improvements for iterative electron tomography reconstruction using graphics processing units (GPUs)", Journal of structural biology, vol. 176, issue 2, pp. 250-253, 2011 Nov. PDF icon Download full paper (838.52 KB)
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D. Perrone, J. Aelterman, M. Kudzinava, J. Sijbers, A. Pizurica, W. Philips, and A. Leemans, "Gibbs artifact suppression for DT-MRI data", 10th Belgian Day on Biomedical Engineering – joint meeting with IEEE EMBS Benelux Chapter, December, 2011.
H. N. B. Pinheiro, I R. Tsang, G. D. C. Cavalcanti, I J. Tsang, and J. Sijbers, "Type-2 fuzzy GMMs for robust text-independent speaker verification in noisy environments", International Conference of Pattern Recognition, 2014.
R. Pinho, T. Huysmans, W. Vos, and J. Sijbers, "Tracheal Stent Prediction Using Statistical Deformable Models of Healthy Tracheas", Liege Image Days 2008: Medical Imaging, March, 2008. PDF icon Full text (34.19 KB)
R. Pinho, K. G. Tournoy, and J. Sijbers, "Computer-Aided Assessment and Stenting of Tracheal Stenosis", Computer Aided Diagnosis of Lung Imaging, 2010. PDF icon Download chapter (4.67 MB)
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R. Pinho, "A Decision Support System for the Assessment and Stenting of Tracheal Stenosis", Department of Physics, Antwerp, University of Antwerp, 18/11/2010. PDF icon Download thesis (3.48 MB)
R. Pinho, K. G. Tournoy, R. Gosselin, and J. Sijbers, "A Decision Support System for the Treatment of Tracheal Stenosis", Proc. of Workshop on Discrete Geometry and Mathematical Morphology (WADGMM), Istanbul, IAPR, pp. 72-76, August, 2010.
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