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J. Fatermans, den Dekker, A. J., Gauquelin, N., Verbeeck, J., and Van Aert, S., Bayesian model selection for atom column detection from ABF-ADF STEM images, Virtual Early Career EMC 2020 (online), Copenhagen, Denmark. 2020.
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T. Peeters, Vleugels, J., Verwulgen, S., Danckaers, F., Huysmans, T., Sijbers, J., and De Bruyne, G., A Comparative Study Between Three Measurement Methods to Predict 3D Body Dimensions Using Shape Modelling, in Advances in Additive Manufacturing, Modeling Systems and 3D Prototyping, Cham, 2020, vol. 975, pp. 464–470.
J. Morez, Sijbers, J., Vanhevel, F., and Jeurissen, B., Constrained spherical deconvolution of non-spherically sampled diffusion MRI data, Human Brain Mapping, vol. 42, pp. 521–538, 2020.PDF icon Download paper (5.87 MB)
P. Bladt, den Dekker, A. J., Clement, P., Achten, E., and Sijbers, J., The costs and benefits of estimating T1 of tissue alongside cerebral blood flow and arterial transit time in pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling, NMR in Biomedicine, vol. 33, no. 12, pp. 1-17, 2020.PDF icon Download paper (16.44 MB)
K. Rafiezadeh Sahi, Ghamisi, P., Rasti, B., Jackisch, R., Scheunders, P., and Gloaguen, R., Data Fusion Using a Multi-Sensor Sparse-Based Clustering Algorithm, Remote Sensing, vol. 12 (23), no. 4007, 2020.PDF icon remotesensing-12-04007-v2.pdf (21.88 MB)
A. Presenti, Bazrafkan, S., Sijbers, J., and De Beenhouwer, J., Deep learning-based 2D-3D sample pose estimation for X-ray 3DCT, in 10th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography (ICT 2020), 2020.
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B. Koirala, Development of advanced hyperspectral unmixing methods , 2020.
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W. Keustermans, Huysmans, T., Schmelzer, B., Sijbers, J., and Dirckx, J. J. J., The effect of nasal shape on the thermal conditioning of inhaled air: Using clinical tomographic data to build a large-scale statistical shape model, Computers in Biology and Medicine, vol. 117, no. 103600, pp. 1-13, 2020.
B. De Samber, De Rycke, R., De Bruyne, M., Kienhuis, M., Sandblad, L., Bohic, S., Cloetens, P., Urban, C., Polerecky, L., and Vincze, L., Effect of sample preparation techniques upon single cell chemical imaging: A practical comparison between synchrotron radiation based X-ray fluorescence (SR-XRF) and Nanoscopic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (nano-SIMS), Analytica Chimica Acta, vol. 1106, pp. 22-32, 2020.PDF icon Download paper (4.01 MB)
L. F. Alves Pereira, De Beenhouwer, J., Kastner, J., and Sijbers, J., Extreme Sparse X-ray Computed Laminography Via Convolutional Neural Networks, in ICTAI 2020, 2020.PDF icon Download paper (2.5 MB)
M. Siqueira Pinto, Paolella, R., Billiet, T., Van Dyck, P., Guns, P. - J., Jeurissen, B., Ribbens, A., den Dekker, A. J., and Sijbers, J., Harmonisation of Brain Diffusion MRI: Concepts and Methods, Frontiers in Neuroscience , vol. 14, pp. 1-17, 2020.PDF icon Download paper (2.61 MB)
B. Rasti, Koirala, B., Scheunders, P., and Ghamisi, P., How Hyperspectral Image Unmixing and Denoising Can Boost Each Other, Remote Sensing, vol. 12, no. 1728, 2020.PDF icon remotesensing-12-01728.pdf (2.27 MB)
V. Andrejchenko, Hyperspectral image mixture analysis using notions of sparsity, nonlinearity and decision fusion , 2020.
V. Anania, Billiet, T., Jeurissen, B., Ribbens, A., den Dekker, A. J., and Sijbers, J., Improved voxel-wise quantification of diffusion and kurtosis metrics in the presence of noise and intensity outliers, 12th Annual Meeting ISMRM Benelux Chapter, Arnhem, The Netherlands. 2020.
B. Shafieizargar, Jeurissen, B., den Dekker, A. J., and Sijbers, J., Joint estimation of phase and diffusion tensor parameters from multi-shot k-q-space data: a proof of concept, ISMRM-Benelux, vol. 12. 2020.
B. Shafieizargar, Jeurissen, B., den Dekker, A. J., and Sijbers, J., Joint estimation of phase and diffusion tensor parameters from multi-shot k-q-space data: a proof of concept, International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), vol. 28. 2020.
Q. Beirinckx, Ramos-Llordén, G., Jeurissen, B., Poot, D. H. J., Parizel, P. M., Verhoye, M., Sijbers, J., and den Dekker, A. J., Joint Maximum Likelihood estimation of motion and T1 parameters from magnetic resonance images in a super-resolution framework: a simulation study, Fundamenta Informaticae, vol. 172, pp. 105–128, 2020.PDF icon Download paper (final author version) (2.15 MB)
B. Auer, Kalluri, K., De Beenhouwer, J., Zeraatkar, N., Momsen, N., Kuo, P. H., Furenlid, L. R., and King, M. A., Keel-Edge Height Selection for Improved Multi-Pinhole 123I Brain SPECT Imaging, Journal of Nuclear Medicine, vol. 61, p. 573, 2020.PDF icon Download paper (127.73 KB)