Tomography is an imaging technique that combines projections taken from different directions into a reconstruction of the interior of a patient or an object. The ASTRA research group (“All Scales Tomographic Reconstruction Antwerp”) of imec-Vision Lab develops tomographic reconstruction algorithms for electron, X-ray, neutron, and magnetic resonance imaging. The ASTRA group developed the ASTRA-Toolbox, which is an open source, GPU accelerated software platform for the development of novel tomographic reconstruction methods; it can be downloaded from

Key expertises:

  • Discrete tomography
  • X-ray tomography for non-standard acquisition geometries
  • Electron tomography
  • Dynamic (4D) tomography

Journal publications



Dabravolski, A., "Towards In Loco X-ray Computed Tomography", Department of Physics, 12/2015.
Van Eyndhoven, G., "Model-based iterative reconstruction algorithms for computed tomography", Department of Physics, vol. PhD in Sciences, 12/2015. PDF icon Download thesis (4.93 MB)