Jan Sijbers

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Prof. Dr.

imec - Vision Lab,
Department of Physics
University of Antwerp (CDE)
Universiteitsplein 1 (N.1.13)
B-2610 Antwerpen, Belgium

+32 (0) 3 265 89 11



Jan Sijbers graduated in Physics in 1993. In 1998, he received a PhD in Physics from the University of Antwerp, entitled Signal and Noise Estimation from Magnetic Resonance Images", for which he received the Scientific Award BARCO NV in 1999. He was an FWO Postdoc at the University of Antwerp and the Delft University of Technology from 2002-2008. In 2010, he was appointed as a senior lecturer at the University of Antwerp. In 2014, he became a full professor. He is Senior Area Editor of IEEE Transactions on Image Processing as well as Associated Editor of IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. Jan Sijbers is the head of imec-Vision Lab and co-founder of IcoMetrix.


Main research interests:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging and image processing
  • Tomographic image reconstruction, processing and analysis
Key publications: 
K. J. Batenburg, and J. Sijbers, "DART: A practical reconstruction algorithm for discrete tomography", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 20, no. 9, pp. 2542-2553, 2011.
J. Sijbers, and A. Postnov, "Reduction of ring artifacts in high resolution micro-CT reconstructions", Physics in Medicine and Biology, vol. 49, no. 14, pp. 247-253, 2004.
J. Sijbers, A J. den Dekker, P. Scheunders, and D. Van Dyck, "Maximum Likelihood estimation of Rician distribution parameters", IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 357-361, 1998. PDF icon sijbers1998.pdf (106.26 KB)


Advisor for PhD Theses

E. Janssens, "Advances in X-ray reconstruction algorithms for limited data problems in conventional and non-conventional projection geometries", Physics, vol. PhD in Sciences / Physics, 2018.
G. Ramos-Llordén, "Improved MRI Relaxometry through Statistical Signal Processing", Dept. of Physics , vol. Doctor of Science, Antwerp, University of Antwerp, 02/2018. PDF icon Download thesis (19.25 MB)
Q. Collier, "Robust estimation of diffusion tensor and diffusion kurtosis imaging parameters", Dept. Physics, vol. PhD in Sciences/Physics, Antwerp, University of Antwerp, Oct/2018.
G. Van Steenkiste, "Super-resolution estimation of quantitative MRI parameters", Dept. of Physics, vol. Doctor of Science: University of Antwerp, 2016. PDF icon Download PhD thesis (7.56 MB)
T. Roelandts, "Local Prior Knowledge in Tomography", Department of Physics, vol. PhD in Sciences: Physics, 11/2013. PDF icon Download PhD thesis (15.6 MB)
J. Veraart, "Optimal estimation of diffusion MRI parameters", Department of Physics, vol. PhD in Sciences: Physics, 10/2013. PDF icon Download thesis (15.42 MB)
R. Pinho, "A Decision Support System for the Assessment and Stenting of Tracheal Stenosis", Department of Physics, Antwerp, University of Antwerp, 18/11/2010. PDF icon Download thesis (3.48 MB)